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We are so happy that you found us! We are the first self proclaimed Gathering Experts, specializing in bringing people together.


The Hive Co. has been around since 2009, previously operating as Wild Bee Studio. Our passions are driven by our family and friends and everyone being together.


We currently provide photography, custom carpentry and an event rental bar trailer. Have a look around the site. There is a lot of eye candy!

We hope to get together with you soon!


Chris & Lauren

We want You to hear Our stories

check out some of our latest projects below

Meet The Team

Chris Robinson

The man with the plan (and the tools). Regularly referred to as, The Tall Guy and Daddy Long Legs. Chris takes every aspect of The Hive Co. to the premium level.

Lauren Robinson

She is the one making everything look pretty. She comes with slew of nick names, to name a few Queen Bee, Bee, Lou Bean... Lauren is behind all of the creative and the camera. 

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