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2021 In Review

It was quite possibly the biggest year of change for our family. From Chris leaving his corporate job, starting our own family business to moving our family on to a farm. In March, Chris left the corporate world after 10 years to follow his dream as a craftsman and own his own business, which sparked the launch of our small family business, The Hive Co., a mix of services celebrating all things gathering. After a busy first year, we are excited to share our 2021 highlights!

The Hive Co.

In August, Chris was quietly perusing housing apps and happen to stumbled across a property that interested him. "This could be the one", he said, acreage, partially wooded, a beautiful pond, large barn and surrounding farm land while still close enough to friends and family. Immediately I was on board until he mentions, "but it's only a 2 bedroom farmhouse". After little discussion we knew we could make it work and decided to go and look anyways. After our first visit the entire family fell head over heels and quickly imagined how this could be the resting ground for the our family and space for the new business to grow. The property was manicured and already had an established farmer that cuts for hay (cross one thing off our list already). After only a few short days we submitted an offer and quickly became farm owners. The property is everything we wished it could be. We all have our hopes and dreams for what farm life will include and how it will shape the future of the business, Charlie, a cabin fort, Sadie, a crafting spot and our free spirit Jojo, a flower field. Chris and I have other plans like a workshop for The Carpenter Bee, a garden fit for a king to produce fresh ingredients for The Worker Bee cocktails and making the property picture perfect for Wild Bee photoshoots. We are so excited for what is to come. 2022 will be another busy year as we grow into our new place and hope that you will all have a chance to join us along the way.

The Carpenter Bee

The Carpenter Bee - Chris - spent the first 6 months of his new career working out of our garage. He worked on a variety of projects ranging from custom bars and built-ins, to the crafting of The Worker Bee Trailer. After countless hours of cutting, sanding, and finishing, projects were installed and families were able to gather in a new way in their homes. Here are a few highlights from what he has crafted this year!

The Worker Bee Trailer

The second highlight of the year was the launch of The Worker Bee Trailer, In June we hosted a magical event with our close family and friends to celebrate the newest venture, a fully restored horse trailer into a one of a kind mobile bar. After a grueling final 2 weeks of reno, working day and night to complete, it could not have turned out more perfect. It was a beautiful and unforgettable day at Historic White Oak Farm in Morrow, OH. With the help of A LONG list of people it happened, The Worker Bee trailer had officially joined the family at the Hive Co..

In August we had so much fun at the 5th annual Charm at the Farm event in Lebanon, OH. We set up the trailer along with Historic White Oak Farm's wedding venue pieces as a gathering space for the visitors of the event. We shared small fresh bites from Chef David Miller and served fresh lavender lemonade made from our house made syrups.

Private parties was the name of the game for 2021. At an "adult swim" pool party, we served up some refreshing bourbon tea and the beloved Kitten Fizz (compliments of Tito's). And at the Little Miami Youth Football League end of year event, a spiced cocktail with house made cinnamon vodka. Each event's cocktail was custom created to match the vibe!

We still have availability, if you or someone you know is looking for a unique addition to their wedding or party send them our way! We spent a lot of the winter creating a tasty menu of craft cocktails made with house made syrups and other ingredients.

Wild Bee Studio

As many of you know Wild Bee Studio is not celebrating it's first year by any means, but there were some firsts! We hosted a number of family sessions out at the farm and boy did we enjoy having the energy out here. It is inspiring to wake up every morning, look out the back door and imagine new locations for our families. 2021 was a wonderful and full year of creating memories for new and existing families for Wild Bee and we can't wait to continue the fun into 2022!

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